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Hauling Buddy Bust – Barrel Racing Advice – Integrated Equine

It doesn’t matter if you are watching the Super Bowl, or the Super Bowl of Rodeo the WNFR You will notice a common theme during the famed awards ceremony acceptance speech: champions showing gratitude for the support they’ve received. Barrel racing and rodeo is a pretty unique sport. We barrel racers have to have athleticism,


Ground Manners – Performance Horse Hacks: From the ground up.

Performance Horse Hacks: Ground Manners Is your horse push button or a button pusher? Do you have to tip toe to get a certain response or is there some technique to how you ask? This 4 part series is created for those in equine performance that are looking for an edge on the competition. Each


Cowgirl Chronicles: A Winners Perspective

  Life can by kind of funny in the perspective it offers up in hindsight of times past. Exactly a year ago I had the opportunity to compete at the Cowboy Capital of the World Pro Rodeo. I know for a lot of the people that rodeo for a living this was probably ‘just another


What your farrier wants you to know – Hoof Care Basics – Cowgirl Quick Tips

Cowgirl Quick Tips is brought to you by your trusted gal in the horse business. TIP is an an acronym for ‘Today I’m Progressing!’ That means these tips offer you something that you will be able to apply simply, and change today!     Hoof Care Basics. What your farrier wants you to know! Though


My name is Kathleen Rossi. WPRA Barrel Racer, Natural Horsewoman , Photonic Health Professional, Barefoot Trimming Expert and founder of Integrated Equine. In my travels I’ve found that there are many elements to horse care and training, however many times they are viewed as separate issues. My goal is to teach people that these things are not separate, but that all equine practices must be combined and done in coordination with each other in order to get the most out of your horse, while saving a TON of money!

For instance : many trimmers don’t know the fundamentals of horse psychology, many trainers are blind to healthy hoof care and many horse owners are just plain blind, because of misinformation between equine care professionals. Integrating the methods and theories of Natural Horsemanship, Natural Hoof Care and Natural Equine Management have proven to be the most liberating way to care for a horse, always taking into consideration the nature and dignity of the prey animal. Today, some of the traditional beliefs are still in practice even though they stem from the mid-evil, Renaissance days. Needless to say they are out dated and often times lead to more problems than solutions. Thus, the need for natural information to be integrated into the masses.

Personally, I have also noticed parallels in teaching natural horsemanship, fundamentals of hoof care and informed equine management, to Christian values as well. My logo has the letters “I” and and “E” for Integrated Equine, a cross, a fish, and flame. My belief and mission is that with more knowledge, your soul will be at liberty of the strongholds of traditional beliefs and habits and it will illuminate the industry.

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