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Nothing like fur and leather in a limo to class-it-up!












If there is anything I’ve learned about heading to the NFR in Las Vegas it is this: You pack right, pack tight, and pack light. Because the moment your eyes reflect the bright casino lights you’ll want to set your roller bag down and hit the town. There is Cowboy Christmas waiting to captivate your every need and rodeo viewing to get your blood pumping.

How can one dress to impress and still have room in the suitcase to bring home any loot  you’ve waited all year to plunder? I’ll show you.

Perhaps we share the same conundrum. you want to dress festive, fun and fancy – but you also need room in your budget to buy all the things. (We all go into the double doors thinking you will ‘just look around’ then a $1600 custom bridle calls your name.) In fact I challenge you to trust me that when I say you can spend several days in Vegas with 4 pieces of clothing… No walk of shame required.


It’s called: Wardrobe Capsule Sudoko!


All you need for the bare basics is:



An accessory


And a chart with 4 spaces across and 4 spaces down:

This will help you plan ahead, pack accordingly and celebrate NFR season with success.


1. Pick a theme

I heavily suggest picking one of two themes. Neutral or ‘Performance of the Night’ theme. Neutral undertones  are forgiving and easy to accessorize and jazz up with bright accessories. Or commit to researching the nightly themes. . It usually goes as follows : Memorial Night, Pink Night, Rookie Night, Canada Night, Patriot Night.


2. Plan your wardrobe

If you get stuck here – you can always count on the classics. Just like Clint Eastwood and Lonesome Dove, you will never go wrong if you fall back on the good stuff.

Traditional prints like serape, pendleton, aztec, and paisley are beautiful choices

Fur vests are cheap and easy to come by and add any outfit over the top.

Fringe on anything always wins. Fringe says fun with out being too dramatic.

Sequins. Do they need an explanation, its vegas and the most important event of the year.

Beads are a sophisticated and skilled element to any piece in the wardrobe.

A statement piece like a boot rug, squash blossom necklace, wild rag scarf are classy.

Try not to get overwhelmed by the multitude of high end boutiques look-books for the season. Im sorry but most people don’t have $2k for a fur shrug or authentic squash blossom – my horse will probably end receiving that cash by way of a new saddle. You can easily shop the look-book for inspiration and then use a little hack a like to call: Amazon and two days prime will save your fanny.


3. Pack

When you are packing for the NFR (if you followed the first 2 steps) you should be able to fit 10 nights worth of outfits in the suitcase! The way you pack can be in sections of outfits so it’s easy to pull out what you need, and keep it organized. Just pack it like you see the Sudoku Square. If you work across, diagonal, and downwards it comes out to 10 outfit combinations.





Here are my quick picks from Amazon, if you have prime you could have a Vegas ready wardrobe capsule on your door step in 2 days! Happy Shopping!



Light cross body bag with a phone charger built in!

Add a wild rag for instant western swag!

Save money with this bundle and spend a reasonable amount on a smaller custom bauble key chain from cowboy christmas to hang on the purse!

These are a bargain and would match with a whole wardrobe if you were trying to pull off only packing one pair of boots – add some Dr. Schols inserts you’d be set!

The most comfy driving and shopping shoes ever.

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