Hey, what’s up? I’m Kathleen Rossi, the founder of Integrated Equine, based in Stephenville, Texas and have you ever asked yourself:

– “How can I get more out of my horse?”
– “How can I build a relationship with my horse”?
– “How can I naturally keep my horse (and still compete)?”
– “How can I support the mental and physical health of my horse?”

Or if you’ve ever just needed one more small trick (whether it’s to catch your horse, load ’em in the trailer or to impress someone…..

….. You are in the right place!

Here’s the deal:
I believe smart horse owners and competitors who want the absolute best out of their horse MUST take an integrated approach when it comes to horse care.

Integrated Equine is here to teach you the right tools and techniques needed to build an incredible relationship and to promote outstanding health and performance with ANY horse.

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Integrated Equine was founded by Kathleen Rossi. Kathleen is an expert in horse psychology & performance.

After teaching several students in various clinics, classes or individualized lessons (Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Photonic Health, ect.), she’s refocused on her passion with horses and performance. Specifically, barrel racing.

You’ll find that her approach to achieve a relationship AND performance in ANY horse is extremely effective. She has developed it over the past few years, and it has helped her bring along a few wildly successful horses.

More specifically, she uses the perfect blend of psychology understanding (introvert, extroverts, left-brained, right-brained) and the latest techniques to improve overall health and wellness.

With the vast array of experience (scroll down to see more) I can help both you and your horse on many levels.

If you want to learn to apply some of the tactics she has used, all you have to do is enter your email and click the red button!


Natural Horsemanship

If you had a problem, and a program to fix it – would you? Kathleen will tell you that her first love was and will be the unique program that Parelli Natural Horsemanship offers. “It’s not very often that you know what you are made for at a such a young age,” Kathleen shares, “but when my neighbors with horse showed me a VHS of Linda Parelli and Remmer I stopped breathing, because I knew.” She says that her childhood was a bit rocky, and she really didn’t have much interest in horses because she was too busy putting her concentration into trying to make a career out of classical ballet and the arts. Riding as a kid with her friends in the summer wasn’t even a full time passion until she realized the you could have a relationship with your horse. After learning the 7 games, she set her sights on becoming a Parelli Professional and was able to do so in 2010. Being able to study with the Program’s top instructors, and work with Pat and Linda was considered a turning point for her educational pursuits. She say’s that learning how to train horse’s naturally took a lot of dedication but the stability in creating a relationship with Love, Language, and Leadership was worth all the blood, sweat, tears, and money that go into it. “If I can do it, anyone can!”, she says, “It doesn’t matter if you are 12, 12 years into retirement with no horse background, or a circuit champion – this Program is remarkable!”.

She claims it’s her dream, her passion and her purpose to share the guiding principals that Parelli offers. Her specific goals outline changing the standards of the barrel racing industry, and western performance.

Photonic Health

Photonic Health makes the finest red light therapy product on the market today, and even better, created an education program to teach their clients exactly how this “magic” laser works! Originally a skeptic of the product herself, she soon found her doubt turned into belief. Kathleen met owners Donna Woods and Bryan Owen at the Parelli Ranch in 2009 and miraculously moved next door to them while a working student at the Florida Campus in 2010-11. After Bryan and Donna saw that Kathleen was after much more than horsemanship, they accepted her as an apprentice. During those first generous years they taught her about red light therapy and how healing the laser could be for both people and horses if taught effectively. Best of all, Photonic Health and Red Light Therapy just so happened to align beautifully with her mission statement, and the education program has allowed her to understand and teach horse physiology on a whole new level. Kathleen states, “I am honored to work for a company like Photonic Health, and will forever be grateful for broadening the opportunities to help make a difference in the equine industry.”

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Barefoot Hoof Care

Although controversial in some circles, Natural Hoof Care isn’t something that scares Kathleen. “The nice thing about growing up in a childhood with out a ranching/horsey background was that I was able to see things for what they really were.”, Kathleen says, “I didn’t have tradition fogging my vision, and although I have an appreciation for tradition I have a passion for the truth!”. She started learning to trim horses at a very young age, with her mentor who lived in Central California up the road from her. From about 14 years old, and with out cable TV, she would be out doing ride along’s learning how to trim a horse naturally. All the field experience and practicing on every horse she could says gave her a great understanding of the uninhibited bio-mechanics of the equine foot. She claims that with out that cherished time underneath the belly of a horse at such a young age, she may have gotten bit by the bug of ‘process versus fact’. “I think sometimes people never really challenge their beliefs to tell whether or not they are transparent to the truth. Horses’s never lie, and you can’t fake the results of something so powerful.” Kathleen believes anything done with quality with the horse’s dignity in mind is a powerful thing, and that using barefoot trimming techniques as a TOOL and not a RULE will lead way to some awesome results.

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