Brazilian Barrel Racing Saddle Review

How getting a Brazilian made me ride better…Brazilian Barrel Saddle! (sorry guys, I couldn’t help myself) When I bought my barrel horse I knew I was getting a mixed bag of tricks. Despite his lacking topline and emotional fitness he had some very appealing qualities. Second and third opinions from equine practioners said he’s the

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Competition Tips from the Top

Do you play to win? In order to ‘play’ physically, we’ve got to be on our game mentally! Below I’ve rounded up some winning advice from three decorated equine professionals. They have some of the best insights for keeping your arena game strong. I’ve also offered some of my own tips for keeping the cans and your confidence UP.  

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How To Ride and Return a Demo Saddle in Mint Condition

Take a test drive without wrecking… Not so fast…keep those tags intact, we are just getting started! The age and stage of horsemanship advancement is upon us. A surplus of exciting big money shows, informative YouTube videos, and easier access to trainers leaves us hankering for more time in the saddle. But what if our

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How to Resolve a Major Tendon Injury

The barrel racing industry is starting to see a new trend; and hopefully it will shift into a new way of thinking: to support horse health throughout his athletic career for long term benefits.  If the equine body’s soft tissue is prepared properly for competition; it can prevent injury, and allow for quicker recovery time

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Good Vibrations – EquiVibe Therapy Sessions for Horses.

So… you have done your research on why Whole Body Vibration is good for your horses, and you’ve practiced simulating what it would be like for your horse to stand ground tied on the EquiVibe plate, now you can move on to the good stuff; the therapy session and benefits! EquiVibe helps horse’s with performance, rehabilitation,

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Thought Thursday – Ride Without Regret

Just the inner ramblings of a horse trainer, posted outwardly for the world to read. Ride Without Regret   There have been a few occasions in my life when I have been asked, “What is your biggest regret?” I think people secretly ask this to judge or compare who looks like the bigger failure, or

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