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Hauling Buddy Bust – Barrel Racing Advice – Integrated Equine

It doesn’t matter if you are watching the Super Bowl, or the Super Bowl of Rodeo the WNFR You will notice a common theme during the famed awards ceremony acceptance speech: champions showing gratitude for the support they’ve received. Barrel racing and rodeo is a pretty unique sport. We barrel racers have to have athleticism,


Ground Manners – Performance Horse Hacks: From the ground up.

Performance Horse Hacks: Ground Manners Is your horse push button or a button pusher? Do you have to tip toe to get a certain response or is there some technique to how you ask? This 4 part series is created for those in equine performance that are looking for an edge on the competition. Each


Cowgirl Chronicles: A Winners Perspective

  Life can by kind of funny in the perspective it offers up in hindsight of times past. Exactly a year ago I had the opportunity to compete at the Cowboy Capital of the World Pro Rodeo. I know for a lot of the people that rodeo for a living this was probably ‘just another

Horse Abscess – A Hole in the Foundation

It seems like the ONLY thing I’m good at lately is identifying holes, and designating the filling of them. As riveting as the topic of HOLES sounds – try to stick with me, because we might be able to dig each other out. Last week I peeked out my window to see my beloved sassy

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Ride Without Regret – Cowgirl Chronicles

Ride Without Regret   There have been a few occasions in my life when I have been asked, “What is your biggest regret?” I think people secretly ask this to judge or compare who looks like the bigger failure, or some may ask it from a purely introspective standpoint. Whatever the case may be, it

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Motherhood with Horses – Cowgirl Chronicles

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! This special post is about what motherhood has taught me about barrel racing.(…with a little advice for new moms and horsewomen!) MOM. You either are one, or you know one. In either case you can enjoy this post! Usually it’s the same old (but sentimental) story entitled: “What horse’s taught me about life.” Followed

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What is horsemanship? Cowgirl Chronicles

What is Horsemanship? Some people need it and don’t have it. Some people have it and don’t know what to call it. No matter which group you belong to, together we are going to talk about ‘Horsemanship’. Hopefully getting it out in the open will make the call that we are all fighting for the

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Barrel Racing Motivation – Cowgirl Chronicles

I know, I know it’s Monday – but why not start it with a little motivation? My question for you is, ‘Where or who does your motivation come from when you barrel race or compete with horses?’ Don’t worry I’ll answer it too.   For me; my willpower hits rock bottom consistently and more often

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2014 The Year of the Horse – Cowgirl Chronicles

In tribute to the year of the horse, I wanted to share all of the things that horse’s helped me accomplish this year. In case you missed the boat…2014 was what the Chinese Zodiac considered “Year of the Horse”. Find more on Wikipedia. This year’s Wood Horse was said to bring “growth, improvement, and energy”,

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