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Hauling Buddy Bust – Barrel Racing Advice – Integrated Equine

It doesn’t matter if you are watching the Super Bowl, or the Super Bowl of Rodeo the WNFR You will notice a common theme during the famed awards ceremony acceptance speech: champions showing gratitude for the support they’ve received. Barrel racing and rodeo is a pretty unique sport. We barrel racers have to have athleticism,


Ground Manners – Performance Horse Hacks: From the ground up.

Performance Horse Hacks: Ground Manners Is your horse push button or a button pusher? Do you have to tip toe to get a certain response or is there some technique to how you ask? This 4 part series is created for those in equine performance that are looking for an edge on the competition. Each


Cowgirl Chronicles: A Winners Perspective

  Life can by kind of funny in the perspective it offers up in hindsight of times past. Exactly a year ago I had the opportunity to compete at the Cowboy Capital of the World Pro Rodeo. I know for a lot of the people that rodeo for a living this was probably ‘just another

How to Resolve a Major Tendon Injury

The barrel racing industry is starting to see a new trend; and hopefully it will shift into a new way of thinking: to support horse health throughout his athletic career for long term benefits.  If the equine body’s soft tissue is prepared properly for competition; it can prevent injury, and allow for quicker recovery time

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Good Vibrations – EquiVibe Therapy Sessions for Horses.

So… you have done your research on why Whole Body Vibration is good for your horses, and you’ve practiced simulating what it would be like for your horse to stand ground tied on the EquiVibe plate, now you can move on to the good stuff; the therapy session and benefits! EquiVibe helps horse’s with performance, rehabilitation,

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How To Improve Your Barrel Horse’s Stride! pt.1

What do you think is one of the best components that would assist in giving your barrel horse the edge on your competition? A lighter saddle? More training? How about longer stride? For me, I didn’t have an idea of what components were important in a barrel racing run aside from keeping the cans UP and

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Photonic Light Therapy Relates To Magnetic Therapy

People, in general, are very skeptical. Many times Photonic Health’s customers, who have experienced the benefits of red light, struggle when attempting to explain to Joe Schmo that a seemingly harmless light can help the body heal.     This can be incredibly frustrating when a friend of family member won’t listen or believe you

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