I’m flattered you want to connect with me and share your story, hire me, bring me in as your keynote speaker, interview me for your media outlet or just ask a question based on something you may have learned about me.  I receive so many meaningful and inspiring emails that I’m so grateful for, so thank you for what you are about to do.

However, based on the mass amount of emails I receive, here is my request to you first.

1.  Keep your message short and to the point (if I want to learn more backstory then I’ll ask you :)

2. Consulting/Coaching/Mentoring –  I charge A LOT for my time and whenever I do it, the person gains alot of knowledge to advance their equine journey (whatever it may be).  It’s always crazy to see how quick they learn and obtain the skills to a great relationship with their horse  (They pretty much become experts in a matter of months).  So to spread this information to more than just a few big clients, I do all of my coaching, mentoring and consulting inside my private community. Email me with your story and goals to apply.

3.  Speaking – I only speak when I’m inspired by the events vision and purpose.  I charge a premium fee and often decline many high paying gigs if it doesn’t fit my vision.  Only request me to speak if you are serious about inspiring your audience and seeing them get results in their business and life, otherwise you are wasting both of our time.

4.  Interview Request-  I’m so grateful for all of the interview requests I receive.  It means the information I’m sharing is something you’d like to share with your audience, and I appreciate you trusting me and my story with your tribe.  I’m looking to get in front of larger audiences to share this message with the world and leverage my time.  So please take this into consideration.


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