Currently Kathleen isn’t accepting any hoof trimming clients at this time. She is happy to serve as a Natural Trimming Consultant – PLEASE message her if you are eager to learn about what natural barefoot trimming is, or check out the Equine Experts Interview posts that interview Barefoot Trimmers that Kathleen recommends. If you are interested in the Performance Horse Makeover Package, please email her directly at

Natural Hoof Care is the optimum way to provide your horse with soundness. I am a natural barefoot trimmer who believes enhancing your horses hoof health is possible through modeling the trim after a wild horse hoof. Enabling the horse to self- maintain it’s own structure and integrity is my objective. Environment, nutrition and the trim are essential components of whole horse health.

In case you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a hoof looks like, or are curious about how the hoof functions as an important mechanism of the horse’s body.

Pete Ramey has some great articles here, that will serve as a great educational tool for you! Check out his site for books and DVD’s too!

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