• Standard Red Light
  • $34995plus tax
  • 600nm Photonic Light
  • Crush Proof / Water Proof
  • Lifetime Bulbs
  • Lanyard and holster Included
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  • Kits (BEST VALUE)
  • $39595and up
  • Your Choice of Lights
  • Wellness and Anti-Viral Charts
  • Books (Human, Horse, Dog & Cat)
  • Introductory DVD
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  • Pro Red Light
  • $69700plus tax
  • $Professional Grade Photonic Light<
  • 500mw of Power
  • Designed for deeper penetration
  • Works Up to 10x faster than Standard Red Light
  • BUY NOW!
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Owning a Photonic Health Red Light allows you to be your family and your pets first responder for injury and illness.